Our Approach

We like to think that we take the unique approach of creativity in our music. By gathering information from our loyal fans and utilizing that info instead of rejecting it we have managed to create some outstanding music.. Scroll through our pages on our site and familiarize yourself with our site and enjoy some beautiful sounding music.

Our Story

Since around the end of 2013 Muzic World has been blogging out some of hip hops most talented underground and local acts on our radio station blogtalkradio.com/malikstudios in association with MalikStudios... We now have built up a small street buzz and reputation for exploiting new talents in our area. See our web pages for details...

Meet the Team

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Anthony S. aka (Malik)


                                              Owner of Malik Studios

Anthony S. is a Harlem Native who founded Malik Studios recording studio in upper manhattan. He has also started his Malik Studios publishing firm and now he brings you the highly revered website www.muzicworld.com... He is determined to expose true talent.

Include a short bio with an interesting fact about the person.

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